About Steve Moors



My name is Steve Moors. I’m a British/American artist based in New York. Over the years I’ve been involved in the arts in a multitude of disciplines, creative director, art director, art teacher, photographer, illustrator, artist. I’ve been showcased and interviewed in several magazines, and exhibited in the U.S.A, United Kingdom, and Israel, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Currently, I’m focused solely on my self motivated artwork.  


I create original hand rendered large format digital prints. Although I work digitally, I use a simple digital ‘traditional’ version of an HB pencil, with many, many hours of rendering. I call the process Tradigital. I bring the same sensibility and discipline from when I had my brick and mortar studio, as this quality resides in my head, not in my location. My usual output is to print on a large 4’x3’ ft box frame, thought it would be easy to vector trace the image and print it the size of the Eiffel Tower. 


The subject matter of my work is essentially driven by my fascination with the mostly hidden incongruities and conflicting self-deceptions created by the struggle between our primal and present modern selves. For what I can offer, my work is an attempt to present these phenomena, exposed, and in a visual language that is focused enough to proffer the issue at hand, yet just broad enough to not be colloquially, culturally, or globally specific. And by doing so, raise awareness to the possible/probable, very human, pitfalls we can all sometime fall foal of when distracted by so much other bullshit that is thrown at us everyday, which is intended to do exactly the opposite. My rebel cry to this cause, is this ongoing series of encouraging visual sutras for the human race to ponder, use or not, as is seen fit.