About Steve Moors


I appreciate you taking some time to learn a little about me and my work. 

My name is Steve Moors. I’m a British/American artist based in New York. I was born in London, but raised in Merseyside in the north west. A very different place. An unkind place of factories, grey smoke, beer and fights. I suspect art of any kind may have actually beeen illegal, as there was none to be found, save a few books I did managed to find. The movie Fahrenheit 451 comes to mind. There was humor though. And lots of it. That was a necessary. That was mandatory.  

I create original hand rendered large format digital prints. I work predominantly with a simple digital HB Pencil on my iPad Pro. This setup constitutes my studio space as much as the brick and mortor ones I've had over the years. I bring the same sensibility and discipline, as this quality resides in my head, not in my location. The work itself can be scaled anywhere between 4’x3’ft to 6’x4’ft. I’ve not yet had a reason to produce larger, but I do believe that technology will allow, if required. 

The subject matter of my work is essentially driven by my fascination with the incongruities created by conflicting self-deceptions, the struggle between our primal and present modern selves, and our depleting delusion of value and immortality and within our cultures, and micro cultures. These issues are at the core of our identity, attitude and perspective. An awareness of these suspect paradigms has the potential to provide the necessary clarity needed to confront and acknowledge such elusive hardwired misconceptions. This thought process, and the resulting work, is not a dark venture, but a liberating necessity. Each image is contained within a vertical oval. I feel very comfortable to work in this manner. I suspect it’s something to do with our eyes natural cone of vision, which has no corners. 

The hand rendered process is time intensive, as is the preparatory sketching, and complex photomontage that I assemble. I create, for the most part, the photographs myself, and use scavenged images from friends and family on occasion. My insistence with this process provides me with both the familiar presumptive authority of photography’s objective realism, along with the capriciousness interpretation of the rendering process. Together, creating my own language with which to say what I need to say. Often I’ll toy with the process, and interpret areas with a variety of approaches. This is to draw attention to the rendering process itself, and bring that aspect of the creation and viewing experience into consideration. Drawing attention to the inevitability that the authority of the work itself is of questionable validity.  

Each image is contained within a vertical oval. I feel very comfortable to work in this manner. I suspect it’s something to do with our human eyes natural cone of vision, which has no corners. Personally, regarding several of my favored artworks, I would not be able to tell you what occupies any of their corners.  

My creative awards include an International Photography Award in the Fine Art category, and a Communication Arts Award for illustration. My art has been showcased in Graphics Magazine, I’ve been interviewed by Risen Magazine who showcased my work, and a double page spread in Dynamic Graphics Magazine. I’ve exhibited in several media, in several countries, including a show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England. 

My wish is for you to invest time to relax into the work. Let it wash over you, and be moved and inspired. 

Have a nice day!